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We fix where the camera has failed you. Whether the picture was shot by a professional photographer or snapped with a mobile phone, you deserve to look good in it and you don’t have to be a celebrity for that. Headshots or family keepsakes, with magazine-quality photo retouching (a.k.a. photo editing or photoshoping), PhotoHand pros make your photos look their best.


Ordering PhotoHand services is easier than buying shoes online. Just check out our pricing based on the Level of Service before you start!


Photo Retouching by PhotoHand - online ordersSTART YOUR ORDER
Choose the type of service – Retouching (digitally shot pictures) or Restoration (scanned vintage pictures)? Do you need a Rush (24 hr) service?



PhotoHand Photo Retouching order onlineUPLOAD PHOTOS
Upload from computers, mobile phones, tablets. Professional photos, amateur shots, selfies… all are welcome.



Photo Retouching by PhotoHand order onlineDECIDE ON LEVEL OF SERVICE
Go through the Level of Service pricing matrix to select the right level at the next step. Our pricing structure is flat and simple – no need for price estimates. Check it out beforehand »



PhotoHand Photo Retouching online ordersPROVIDE INSTRUCTIONS
Type instruction for each photo or to all photos at once in the order. Select the Level of Service for each photo. Mark the reference photos uploaded as examples or to be used to replace something in the main pictures.



Photo Retouching by PhotoHand online ordersADD TO SHOPPING CART / CHECKOUT
You can place several orders in the shopping cart and then checkout. We accept all major credit and debit card as well as Paypal payment.



PhotoHand Photo Retouching order online deliveryRECEIVE RETOUCHED PHOTOS
Retouched photos are delivered into your account within 3 business days or within 24 hours if this is a rush order. You can request FREE REVISIONS as long as your directions do not differ from the original.